He has earned my hatred!

“My brother, it’s not true! He is not being hateful! She is not bitter! There is no resentment involved! That  decision to ‘show him/her pepper’ is born out of ‘righteous indignation’! That man’s stupid behavior has earned him the need to be severely dealt with! Something needs to be done!”
“Pastor, it’s not hatred! We don’t even dislike him, but even if he claims to repent, we will not let this quarrel go! Let’s put Bible aside! Let’s put this ‘nonsense holiness sentiment’ aside! Let’s forget this ‘brethren thing’ with which they manipulate us! That ‘their church’ needs to be taught some serious lesson!”
Hahahahaha! My mouth shut up! Some things are too sad to be funny! Dis one na serious matter! 
No Sir! No Ma! The right word is hatred! It is bitterness built on dislike!The only time when people do evil with a “clean heart” is when it goes with a religious veneer! No! We can’t preach love & practice hatred! We need to call a spade it’s right name! We need to repent! It’s better to be reconciled than to be right! 

He left your ministry to begin his own? Please don’t hate! She walked out on the engagement? Please forgive! His impudence insulted your authority? Temper ego with humility! The inlaw called you a bad name? Hmmm…. take am easy! He is PDP & you’re APC? ‘Abeg’ now! ‘His’ church did bad by ‘your’ church? Both of you, calm down & hand over to the real owner of the church! 
All I am saying is simple: No one has earned the right to your hatred! Man & Woman of ‘Chineke’, please STOP! General Manager of planet earth, please STOP! Political “Agadagbachiri Uzo 1”, please STOP! No! Please, don’t rationalize it, just STOP! 
Ok, maybe you don’t want to believe me! Would you also not believe HIM?  
“This is how I want you to conduct yourself in these matters. If you enter your place of worship and, about to make an offering, you suddenly remember a grudge a friend has against you, “abandon your offering, leave immediately, go to this friend and make things right. Then and only then, come back and work things out with God.” – Matt 5:23c-24(MSG). 
Hmmm! I know some will hear JESUS’ words & still say…. BUT! I also believe you’re not one of such! 
So how do you reset that resentment? 
-a- repent before God sincerely
-b- reach out to the ’adversary’
-c- renounce the negative narrative
-d- respond in kindness & goodwill
-e- ask Jesus to take it from there 
Jesus calls it, “making things right” & it opens the door for you to “work things out with God”! And the implication is this – that whether you’re a preacher or church member, rich or poor, old or young – a grudge with man opens up a rift with God! We cannot afford that dear! Love always trumps hate! Let’s RESET! 

I pray for you today, that every battle you’re fighting ends today! May God give you rest roundabout! May he forgive you as you forgive others! May he make this week your week of grace & glory In Jesus Christ name! 

Much Love 

George Izunwa

Lead Pastor 

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