It’s not always about you!

Yes…. You matter! Your life matters! Your destiny matters! Your assignment matters! Your fulfillment matters! Your marriage matters! Your opinion matters! Your pride matters! Etc. You truly matter o o oh! Believe me, I continually try to make your matter to matter seriously! “Anything wey matter to you na serious matter to me – even if the matter na small matter for my side before-before, but because na your matter, the matter don grow”! You matter my dear! 
“But bros…. (my husband, my wife, my boss, my president, my bishop, my neighbor)…. no be only you matter too! Me I try matter small, kwanu!” Maybe o o oh, you matter more than me, but I still matter!  I matter to God! I matter to my family! I matter to my friends! I matter to those my life & ministry has touched! I matter to the small society “wey I de flow de glow!” And most importantly, I matter to me! 
So, if in my personal scale of ‘mattering’, sometimes “me matters come before thee matters”, please don’t crucify me! It’s not really selfishness! It is my small way of placing value on my own life & destiny purpose! No! No! No! I am not challenging your ‘mattering’ more, I am only saying, please consider me too! ”Abeg now, shift small make I siddon, even driver de allow passenger for front seat!”

I know it is NOT always easy to allow other people to matter their matter where you matter & shine their shine where you’re shining! It is hard for me too! But I am fighting it seriously! That’s why anytime I that ‘demon’ called narcissus is tugging at my heart, I remind myself of this my checklist: “The characteristics of the self absorbed”; 
-i- always thinking I am superior & my issue matters most! 
-ii- not having a real concern for others less fortunate than myself! 
-iii- trying to devalue others in order to show how powerful I can be! 
-iv- hiding my true insecurities & challenges under my successes! 
-v- using my surface friendships as a tool only to advance myself! 
-vi- imposing my views on others without considering their options! 
-vii- controlling everything & never allowing anyone be their true selves around me! 
Hmmm….  I have to fight this everyday! And I encourage you to fight it too! This journey to be more like Christ is not easy! But, the Holy Spirit will help us! 
“Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;” – Rom 12:9-10
I pray that this week, whatever good thing you pursue will be established for you in Jesus Christ name! I also pray for you that in your blessing, you will be a true, compassionate blessing to others! 
Much Love 
George IzunwaLead Pastor 

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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