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  • Am I really speaking with Pastor George?

    This website is handled by Pst George Izunwa’s team. If your message is confidential and would require an email conversation with Pst George, we would love to respect that and direct it to him.

    All you need to do is use the contact form or use our email shared on the Contact page. You should put [Confidential] or [Personal] before inserting the subject of the message, please, only if your issue is personal or confidential!

  • I'm considering buying a book, would it be downloadable or shipped to me?

    For now, all Pst George Izunwa’s books are solely downloadable in pdf format when you buy them. You will have a maximum of three downloads and can easily use the Contact page if you’re encountering issues with your purchase.

    Remember to recommend the books you love!

  • Are my card and other details safe?

    This website uses WooCommerce, a very reliable and secure online shopping tool. You can read fully about WooCommerce’s security on this page but to make things short, no, we would never store nor see your credit card information

  • How does the bi-weekly subscription to messages work?

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