Live with it; live beyond it!

Hmmm! E don happen! It’s called the unexpected! The unforeseen! The sudden evil wind! The freak accident! The betrayal of trust! The pop up opposition! The sudden attack! The midday darkness! 

No one prays for such. And sadly, many peoples “theologies” & “faith construct” do not make allowances for any destiny interruptions! But, life happens & sometimes, bad things happen to good people! It may not seem to be the “will of God” (as we know it), it may seem to be against the “word of God” (as we interpret it), it may seem to undermine our “faith in God”(as we struggle through it), but it is really not outside of God! 

I don’t know why Herod successfully killed James; I mourn James, but then, I also celebrate Peter’s deliverance! Am sad that Stephen was stoned to death, but I am excited that Paul survived his stoning! I celebrate with Paul & Silas, as their praise shook the prison & secured their release; but then I also understand as Paul asks Timothy to bring his winter jacket & writing materials to another prison house where his worship did not trigger an earthquake! 2 Tim 4:13;21. 

And then…. Paul in prison, sat down to write! And what letters they became! Revelations! Encounter triggers! Revolutionary fire power! New Testament truths! Influence beyond his adverse realities! 

That’s how to live with negative circumstances & live beyond them! 

Friend…. The earth is a fallen place! Evil lives here! People and systems are afflicted & corrupted with iniquity! Man has free will & sometimes chooses against Gods will! Accidents happen! Things don’t always work the way it is intended! Jesus came to redeem all things, but the perfection of his work will not be until his government is physically established on earth! Until then…. we walk by faith, we war with the word, we win by obedience & when we “seem to” lose, we trust & reset! 

Question: How do we live with it & live beyond it? 

#1. Trust the eternal purpose & unfailing love of God! 

#2. Never allow weeping endure beyond “a night”! 

#3. Hold the devil responsible & fight his every program! 

#4. Accept that people are flawed & trusted people fail! 

#5. Make room in your heart for a glorious tomorrow! 

#6. Stand on the word & keep standing until God moves! 

#7. Keep producing good results, no matter the challenge! 

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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