Is this madness?

It was at a big community meeting. The place was packed with stakeholders – chiefs, the leading lights, locals & returnees. And in an occasion like that, no one really wants the village mad man around! This is a meeting for healthy brains! 
But he showed up, invited or not! And…. it can be argued that he is a stakeholder! He behaves insane. He dresses dirty. Everyone knows him to be crazed. He calls himself, “Eze Akah”. 
“Onye ara, onye si gi bia ebea? Biko si n’ebea pua!” – an elder said to him! (Literally: This mad mad, who asked you to come here? Please get out of here!)
The mad man simply said to the elder: “Ara n’agba nebe nebe!” (Madness manifests in different forms). 

And…. Eze Akah’s reply still reverberates in my community today! 

This is an evil among all things that are done under the sun, that there is one event unto all: yea, also the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live, and after that they go to the dead.’ – Eccl 9:3
A mans’ madness may not be a diagnosable mental insanity, but then, some foolish, impulsive, chaotic & dangerous behaviour also count as madness! 

explosive anger! 

immoral emotional ties!

‘one day I go win’ betting visions!

‘buy now, pay later’ debts!

fascination with pornography!

‘anyhow’ marital decisions!

‘na him de do me’ revelations!

unrestrained love for food!
And often, madness – of any kind – may be initiated, supported, forwarded or sustained by the powers of darkness!
And like the case of the mad man of Gadara (Mk 5:1-15), it often takes a rebuke of ‘devils’ for sanity to return!
Therefore today, I rebuke every insanity! Yes…. Every foolishness, every addiction, every soul tie, every immoral affairs, every temper problem, every gluttony, every prophetic delusion, every financial recklessness, and every mind manipulation etc in Jesus Christ name!
Be free! Be whole! Think right! Act right! Enjoy peace! Go forward! Prosper in every good work!
Much Love
George IzunwaLead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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