To whom it may concern!

To whom it may concern!

Responsibility is weighty! Glory is also weighty! But then, responsibility is a heavy burden & glory is a jewelled crown! It is only natural that people like taking the glory more than taking responsibility! Only true leaders take responsibility! There are many who love the crown, but hate the crowd! They delight in the glory of a title, but deny the responsibility of the office! They want accolades but reject accountability! They are messiahs who hate the masses! 
A leader is that person who receives the note, “to whom it may concern,” and replies, “it is not just a concern to me, I take responsibility for it!”


– heartily serving in the cesspool of human suffering!
– knowing that everyone counts & every moment matters!
– choosing the right team & getting them to do the right things!
– making sacrifices to accommodate emerging realities!
– having humility to welcome & journey with the disagreeable!
– giving attention to peoples needs before they express it!
– lifting the hope of the needy to a tomorrow better than today!
– being careful not to hurt those that you came to heal!


Short tempered & long embittered people shouldn’t be in leadership! No one whose agenda is the subjugation of another human being is mentally healthy! People without empathy shouldn’t be put over others! Setting things right must go hand in hand with caring for the needy! This is how Isaiah describes the conduct of a transformational leader;

“He won’t brush aside the bruised and the hurt and he won’t disregard the small and insignificant, but he’ll steadily and firmly set things right. “He won’t tire out and quit. He won’t be stopped until he’s finished his work – to set things right….” Isa 42:3-4 (MSG)


Obviously, we haven’t had & we don’t have such leaders over Nigeria! The long term restlessness in the land & the reaction to the present restlessness is proof that we’ve been taken for a ride for long. So what do we do?

Burn down the system?
Keep pouring out vituperations?
Attack all police & military personnel?
Stoke ethnic sentiments?
Mobilise radical religious fanatics?
Loot all the malls & warehouses?

No! Change takes thoughtful action! Rabid reaction only leads to more destruction! The young in Nigeria needs to step back & restrategize!  


Not along tribal lines nor religious expressions! Not along our support or opposition to some divisive figures! Not along partisan lines & a ‘survive now’ agenda! Not along vendetta & vindictiveness! The restlessness of our youth & the hope of our nation must coalesce at the point of ideology & vision! It must be about preserving any good that is & protesting into the better that must be! And the leaders? There are still people of character, vision & even proven track record in the land. Let’s look out for them in this season & may our anger not prevent us from giving such a hearing! 


The Lord arise & heal our land! You will live to see & enjoy the good ‘change’ we seek! You will never be a victim of life! This season will not consume your dreams & destiny! You will go forward & grow great! 2020 will never be a wasted year for you in Jesus Christ name! 

Much Love!
George Izunwa
 Lead Pastor

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Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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