You Don’t Have to Believe It!

Belief is a powerful thing! Belief is defined as the conviction of the truth of anything. It is placing confidence on a person or precept, even without definite proof.

When we believe something, our response to it changes. We make ourselves available & vulnerable to whatever & whoever we believe in. We give it permission. We tacitly defend it. We ultimately allow it drive our actions.

Believing in a lie doesn’t make the lie true, but it can forward the impact of the lie in our lives. Ask anyone taken by a fraudster, how deep the wounds of wrong believing can be!

Destinies have been lost to lies! Nations have been led to wars by lies! Politicians have grabbed power through lies!

And lies only work, because we believe them! But again, our beliefs are not gifts, nor impositions; they are our choices! We don’t have to believe their lies!

Once bitten, twice shy!

One of the lessons of loss is caution. When you survive the unpleasant consequences of a lie, you ought to be wiser! It is proof of ‘foolishness’ to be taken by someone’s lies, over & over again!

At the first, we trust people on credit, but wisdom demands that we keep verifying the trust! This is more so, if we’ve had some reasons to be concerned about our trusted person’s integrity!

The more we take trust for granted, the more people will take us for granted! Choosing not to believe is taking back our power from untrustworthy people!


– we forgive the cheating partner, but establish relationship boundaries!

– we insist that the guy/gal with anger issues get help before continuing to the altar!

– we restore the betrayer, but will not give him/her access to strategic secrets!

– we refuse to invest anymore with the broker who embezzled some funds!

– we choose not to surety the ‘brother’ with a pattern of questionable behavior!

– we withdraw our trust from any “change leader” who is resistant to restructuring!

– we challenge the suspicious change of label from #SARS to #SWAT!

Remorse vs repentance

People don’t change because they promised to change, they change when we hold them to their promise!

It is easy to mistake remorse for repentance. Remorse results from the shame of ‘getting caught’, while repentance is the result of a choice for do better! Remorse asks for you to quickly ‘forgive & forget’, while repentance makes itself available to walk the process of transformation!

Jesus said to the Pharisees claiming change: “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.” – Matt 3:8 (NLT). The proof of change is change; nothing changes & remains the same!

And lastly: While we accept the decision of the Nigeria Police leadership to #ENDSARS, the journey is not anywhere near over, until there is an overhaul of the police/community engagement process!


Receive grace to make every needed life change! I rebuke the yoke of evil habits! I command a new season of mercy & favour! Let a new you come forth! Walk in your high places in Jesus Christ name!

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George Izunwa

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Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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