Keep hope alive!

It’s not wrong to be hopeful! It is almost always a tragedy to be hopeless! Even when hope is misplaced, it is still better than hopelessness! Doctors will tell you that a placebo can help a patient hold on while the fight for his life goes on!
Yes…. hope is one beautiful four letter word! They tell us that a hunger with hope does not kill! Many survivors of diverse atrocious challenges have reported that it was the hope of rescue that kept them going until help finally arrived! 
People give up on their anything when a sense of futility sets in! Many good people have walked out of marriages & jobs even when it seems like they have the wherewithal to handle it! They just lost hope in its future! It is difficult to build a road to nowhere, even when funds & materials are available! 
Whenever the devil wants to steal a persons destiny, he begins an assault on hope! Nobody, who can see a tomorrow better than today, will yield to the temptation of suicide! And nobody can trust God for change, major destiny turnaround, help for humanly impossible issues or much anything without hope! Hope is the foundation of faith! 
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – Heb 11:1
So…. as we traffic in 2020, let’s keep hope alive! 

  • keep hope alive even when you have no inkling of how to get tomorrow to work out! 
  • keep hope alive even when your dream of a better future looks like mere wishful thinking! 
  • keep hope alive even if this year is the 20th year of praying over the same challenge! 
  • keep hope alive even when everyone you know who had the same case didn’t make it! 

This year…. please keep hope alive even when the only thing you’ve got going is hope! The hope you keep will keep you until it gets you somewhere – even if it’s not exactly where you wanted, it will always be better than nowhere!
And I speak over you, that the Lord will take you higher than your expected end! Your hope will not be deferred! You will achieve every dream of 2020 in Jesus Christ name!
I love you plenty!
George Izunwa Lead Pastor

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