Take extra oil with you!

It is never a bad thing to over prepare! It is almost always a terrible thing to be underprepared! Every student can testify to that. Every interview candidate who wasn’t prepared well enough knows that sinking feeling at exiting the boardroom. And if you still doubt me, then ask that poor fellow who hosted the wedding in Cana of Galilee! If not for Jesus intervention, he would have forfeited his honey in the moon! 
Sometimes, what looks like over preparation is simply engaging wisdom to cover every angle! It is very embarrassing when matters arising begin to matter more than the main matter! No SirI You shouldn’t allow wine deficiency to define your wedding day! Wisdom demands that you buy more than you need! 
In Matt 25:1-13, Jesus gave the parable of ten (10) virgins getting set for a wedding. Five over-prepared by taking extra oil, while the other took it ‘jeje’. And then, unforeseen circumstances intruded! Enough oil was no longer enough! All things were no longer equal! The promise of joy & celebration soured into frustration & rejection! They did what was normal, but life demanded for more than the usual! 
And here comes 2020! 

Hmmm! Please take extra oil with you! 

How to do it? 
-i- engage in a little extra God pursuit!
-ii- consecrate a little more than required!
-iii- put a little more sacrifice on the altar!
-iv- lift your vision a little further & farther!
-v- brace for a little more incidental challenges!
-vi- connect a little more to your spiritual covering!
-vii- draw a little more from the Holy Spirit than before! 

Merry Christmas 
I love you much! 

George Izunwa 

Lead Pastor 

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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