Receivement mentality!

‘Am sure you know that gratitude is an attitude! It is first a posture of the heart before it becomes an expression of goodwill! 

Anytime a husband grudgingly donates a dry, moistureless “thank you” to his wife, she can feel it! There are some “thank you’s” that sound like “is that all,” others feel like, “and so what,” & the very terrible ones come out like, “thunder fire you!” 

But again, there are some “thank you’s” that are ecstatic expressions! These are heartfelt, pure &  passionate testimonials of esteem & devotion! When you receive such a “thank you,” it surely feels like you got a gift back from the recipient of your gift! 

True gratitude always begins with an attitude of attribution! No one can truly be thankful until he identifies the reason to be thankful & the person to be thankful to! Both people who see life as a burden & those who see themselves as self made find gratitude a challenge! Men become grateful to God when they see life as meaningful & find the meaning in God! 

True gratitude is acknowledging the good hand of God in the good & bad moments of life! True gratitude is accepting that every good thing about you, around you, for you, in you & with you is a gift from God! It is also an attitude that grants that whatever negative situation there is, could have been worse, if not for God! 

Check out King David, a man with receivement mentality, in 1 Chron 29:11-13. 

Question: What happens when gratitude flows from a ‘receivement’ mentality? 

-i- it hastens the perfection of a divine process! 

-ii- it moves God to resurrect your dead prophecies! 

-iii- it stirs up the anointing for increase & multiplication!

-iv-  it provokes the release of every delayed harvest! 

-v- it generates grace & strength for the coming battles! 

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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