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Oh c’mon! Even the best of students don’t always like exams. And sometimes it takes an exam to humble the ITK Jane who is always raising hand in class, “auntie, auntie, me!” Kai! How people dislike such students! No wonder ‘Diuto’ used to conk my head every time. Show off is an invitation to aggressive envy. 
But then, exams reveal more than what a student knows. It reveals ability to reason. It also reveals ability to handle tension & manage time. It reveals perspective & communication. And sometimes, it even reveals ability for synergy & creative team work. And like every student will admit, exams also reveal how ‘brutal’ teachers can be! 
Faith lessons vs life’s tests
Spiritual knowledge is exciting. A little God knowledge can easily make a person feel like a spiritual elite, especially when there is a little prosperity attached to it. Parroting platitudes becomes normal. We begin to challenge others to know what we know in order to become like us. Our model becomes the standard. And then, crisis hits! 
Adversity has everyone’s address! It is possible to have Jesus in your ship & yet encounter storms. God can guide you with the pillars of cloud & fire, through days of thirst, to Marrah! Well, that’s not a problem to the one that stills storms & sweeten bitter waters! But then, it is in those challenging moments that faith comes to the exam hall. 
No! It’s not a Bible recitation test!
Hahahaha! You’ll have to use your scripture knowledge to pass the test. Your depth in God & character will be examined. Confessions & faith declarations will be part of the solution, but the test is first a life test; 
– When your spouse suddenly goes ‘crazy’!
– The Dr shakes his head after seeing the scan!
– The business went kaput leaving you in debt!
– A boss calls you into the office & tells you it’s over!
– You’ve waited for years & not missed your period!
– There’s this stubborn opposer to your career!
– The ministry spirals into crisis & reduction!
Forget mathematical formulas
Equations work with science & simplify knowledge. But then, faith systems follow principles & not formulas. God doesn’t often apply his principles in the exact same way with any two persons. He is a personal God. And the treatment is not always, 3 tablets, 3 times daily, for 7days. No. The dosage is personalized. 
The way it works is simple. There is a faith test. You gather your heart & reaffirm your confidence in God. Listen to God. Learn his principles. Check spiritual role models. Build synergy. Discern Gods instructions. Obey them. Apply the truth you know. Work them until it works out. And passing the test, takes the patience of faith! 
“That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” – Heb 6:12 
Hallelujah! You will obtain your victory! 
Receive grace for an amazing testimony this week! I command a positive season change for you in Jesus Christ name! 2020 will end in testimonies for you in Jesus Christ name! 
Much Love 
George Izunwa

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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