A thankless life is a very difficult life to live. It simply withers. It alienates help. It increases destiny liabilities. It puts a lid on joy. It shifts focus from the positive & keeps the heart fixated on the negative. It annoys friends & well-wishers. A thankless life stinks! 

People become thankless when they discount their blessings. They’re too busy pursuing the next, to notice the now, or to be appreciative of the then. The only thing that can satisfy them, at any moment, is a little more than what is. It has never been enough, is never enough & will never be enough! 

Buh Pastor….

  • I am somehow grateful for life & health, but I can’t help feeling depressed that things have really been very tough!
  • I am grateful for these 300 members after 7yrs, but I still feel bad when I see my friend with 3000members after just 4yrs!
  • I am not ungrateful for having a faithful wife, but I can’t stop feeling like, ‘why can’t she be like so & so that hasn’t added 1kg weight in 8yrs’!
  • I am thankful to God for my job but it’s really very frustrating to go for so long without appreciation or career growth!
  • I am trying to be thankful, but if you were in my situation & another year has gone without marriage, you will feel bad too!
  • I am naturally thankful but since January, it’s only one of my expectations that I can say has manifested; nothing is working!
  • I am grateful to God, but anyone living in Nigeria today who claims to be thankful is pretending; this country is useless! etc

Keep your face up!

I understand. Life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Gods timing doesn’t always seem to be on our time zone. We don’t always have it the way we want it! But then, gratitude is a choice. It is an attitude. It is your disposition towards life! Gratitude is more about who we are than what happens with us!

And it’s not just about being grateful to God. That’s a huge part of it, but then, we have to be grateful to others too. Someone, somewhere, sometime, somehow contributed a good thing to your life & destiny! Despising good & picking holes on life’s blessings is gross. It’s actually the lifestyle of a hater! Don’t!

Make this the season!

As the year wraps up, and many are busy counting their losses; let’s count our blessings! Let’s lift up our eyes to God & say THANK YOU! Let’s turn to someone close or far off & say THANK YOU! Let’s remind ourselves that grace kept us & others made the journey bearable!

The THANK YOU of today may be the seed for the TAKE MORE of tomorrow! No one deserves a future who despises the past & disdains the present! Christmas is the season of goodwill. It is the season of hope. It is the womb of a new day! Christmas must begin with THANK YOU!

“Thanksgivings will pour out of the windows;laughter will spill through the doors. Things will get better and better.Depression days are over.They’ll thrive, they’ll flourish. The days of contempt will be over”. – Jer 30:19 (MSG)


As you end the year in thanksgiving, may you always have something notable & noticeable to be thankful for each week of the new year in Jesus Christ name! 2020 will end in testimonies for you in Jesus Christ name! 

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Much Love

George Izunwa

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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