You will flourish like a Palm Tree!

The palm tree is one of the most important trees with so many benefits to humanity. A palm tree grows upright, is not affected by drought unless cut down. A palm tree is ever green & has an acute sense of finding water resources with its deep roots even in dry places. And you know what? Every part of a palm tree is useful!

Hang on! When the bible says the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree…… (Psalm:92:12), it means that despite the circumstances or tribulations that surround the life of a true believer, he still flourishes, in & out of season! He is completely dependent on God and takes everything according to the will of God. He draws his strength of life through his trust in God! He rises above the hurdles & waxes stronger, he’s full of life & greener! 

Beloved, I may not know what you’re going through but I know one thing for sure; my God never fails!  Hold on to His promises, trust in His perfect plan for your life!  You will grow forth stronger & stronger!  You will rise above the pitfalls!  You shall flourish like a palm tree in Jesus Christ’s name! 

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