Don’t normalize it!

There was something in those days called ‘weak pass.’ It’s like this; a school has set its cut off mark for promoting students from one class to another, at 50% average. They need 120 students in the next class. But then, after the promotion exams, they discover that only 70 pupils made the cut off & so they decide to get more students across the line. Students who scored from 49% to 38% average are awarded ‘weak pass’ status & asked to proceed to the next class. Parents breathe a sign of relief! The students are somehow happy! The school fills its quota! And so-so success is enthroned! 
I am told that that is very similar to something called “the normalization of deviance.” That is, when something is not up to standard but we accept it as good enough & try to adjust to its inadequacies! When we normalize deviance, we stop fighting for excellence & just go with whatever the flow! Nothing gets marked as mediocre! We standardize at ‘acceptable’ & become defensive when challenged to get better! But the problem is that, when we settle at good enough, we miss out on Gods best for our lives!
Good enough is actually very seductive! It doesn’t stretch anyone! You can coast along or sleep walk through it! People won’t also demand too much from you because they assume that your outcome is the real capacity of your potential! You can be a 5 – talent man, operating at 1 – talent capacity and still receive the ‘good enough’ accolades! And after sometime, you will even convince yourself that you’re doing ok, cos everyone else says you are! Very soon, you become an eagle, competing on flight capabilities with turkeys & loving your score!
That is…. until a word like this hits you;
“Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction” – Mic 2:10 (KJV). 

So how do you avoid settling at good enough?
-a- build your life on the word & your encounters with God! 
-b- make your private life your most important life!  
-c- set a standard for yourself higher than what anyone set for you! 
-d- get someone to hold you accountable for your destiny dreams! 
-e- learn the technicalities of everything you’re involved in! 

-f- keep company with people whose results challenge your results!    
-g- keep stretching yourself & trust God for amazing grace outcomes! 
Yes Sir…. You are much more than what you are seeing! You can be more, do more & get more! It is an abomination to carry the potential of a nuclear bomb & die like a fire cracker! God forbid! 
I pray for you, that your life will deliver its full potential! You will stop at nothing & nothing will stop you! The days of low achievement are over! You will not die small! Greater glory is your portion in Jesus Christ name! 
Much love 
George Izunwa 
Lead Pastor 

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