*Enjoy the party!*

Not having enough can be the root of silent frustration, low self esteem, deep anxiety & social isolation for many people. This is especially so when one cannot meet up some personal & social demands or when feels like others are having it far better! 

The truth is this: 

– No one has ‘it’ all put together, but the wise package it better! 

– Everyone has something for which to be grateful for! 

– The “well off” also have issues of quiet anxiety & tears!  

– When men count blessings, instead of discounting them, life becomes richer!  

– Even in the midst of extreme challenges, we can still enjoy life to the max! 

Rom 12:12;15. 


-i- value you, intentionally celebrate you & make your life – your life!

– it is impossible to belittle yourself & expect life to honour you! 

– your worth is not in your bank account or material possessions; it’s in the quality of person that you are! 

– when you look down on your life, you’re indirectly indicting God for a wasted investment! 

-ii- chose to be a vital part of a big thing! 

– it is better to be a small part of a big thing than a big part of a small thing! 

– you don’t have to do your own thing or own the structure to be part of a successful system! 

– little contributions put together by a group (church, club, alumni etc) can be used to make a major destiny impact! 

– as long as you’re not interested in who takes the glory, you can always put in your little to be a blessing to others. 

-iii- celebrate the richness of life with more endowed friends who recieve & value you unconditionally! 

– be in their party & do well to enjoy it; stop the unnecessary competition! 

– you don’t have to pay for everything you eat in life, let someone else pay & thankfully receive it! 

– stop tiptoeing; believe in friendship & trust the heart of your friends. If you’re mistreated, just walk away & refuse to internalise it!

And one last thing…. if no one is celebrating you today – refuse to be bitter – but keep celebrating others as a seed for your own season! 

I prophesy over you…. you won’t wait longer & it won’t be a fleeting season of success! God will make you HIS testimony in Jesus Christ name! 

Much Love

George Izunwa 
Lead Pastor

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